Monday, January 9, 2012

Green Drink Smoothie

Green Drink Spinach Smoothie
This recipe is one of my favorites, a green drink smoothie I make to pump my kids and myself full of vegetables. They’ll eagerly drink three handfuls of spinach when it’s pureed into this mixture but ask them to eat four leaves by themselves and they’ll act like their life is over.

    Green Drink

2 heaping handfuls of fruit of your choosing
About one pound of fresh spinach
2 Cups fruit juice
1 Cup water

Throw your fruit in a blender. Stuff in as much spinach as you can. Pour your liquid over top. Blend until creamy and green.
Green Drink Spinach Smoothie
I like to use at least one frozen fruit, my favorite being one banana and a huge handful of strawberries. For fruit juice, I just use whatever I have available. For this recipe I used frozen strawberries, a banana, a bag of spinach and Dole pineapple/peach/mango juice.

Does your two-year-old ever hang from the fridge and scream, "HELP ME DO THIS GREEN DRINK!" while begging for a cup of pureed spinach? Mine does. Delish!

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